If you have hiked at least from Edirne to Istanbul, or cycled from Sofia to Istanbul or  you have travelled continuously with a horse, you are entitled to your Ferman, the Sultan’s Trail diploma,  that you can apply for at the Sultan’s Trail Foundation in Haarlem (The Netherlands).

Be careful! If you have walked from Edirne to Istanbul, or have cycled from Sofia or have travelled continuously with a horse you must collect at least two stamps per day in your Sultan’s trail passport!

Upon arrival you can send a copy of your Sultan’s trail passport together with an admission letter in the Ferman register to the Foundation

Sultan’s Trail – A European Cultural Route (the address can be found under the contact button)

If you apply for your admission in the Ferman register you need to state your full name, your home town, arrival date and means of travel. Consequently you will be mentioned in the next newsletter.
You can order your Ferman register, and then it will be sent at the start of the New Year.

The following people have walked either parts or the complete Sultan’s Trail and they have received the so-called Ferman, it can be compared with the diploma the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostella receive when they arrive in Santiago de Compostella.

Ferman register