Vorstand und Freiwillige


Name function e-mail Phone
Sedat Çakır Voorzitter info (at) sultanstrail.com  +31 650 890 696
Ton Roos Secretaris Ton (at) sultanstrail.com
Edip Özkan Bestuurslid info (at) sultanstrail.com


Name function e-mail
Laura Rost Representative Berlin Laura (at) sultanstrail.de
Guus Post Advisor guus (at) sultanstrail.com
Henk Juffer Coordinator Roemania henk (at) sultanstrail.net
Max Smits Coordinator Centraal Serbia max (at) sultanstrail.net
Arjan Schuiling Coordinator Bulgaria arjans (at) cerberus.nl 
Bas Kleine Coördinator Romenia Hongary info (at) sultanstrail.com
Tine Lambers Office manager tine (at) sultanstrail.nl
Pijke van Wees Map maker info (at) sultanstrail.com
Rob Polko Map maker rob (at) sultanstrail.nl
Ton Waarts Academic council info (at) sultanstrail.nl
Iris Bezuijen Webmaster, fotograaf iris (at) sultanstrail.com
George Truijen Webmaster, text editor info (at) sultanstrail.com
Rogier ten Hacken DTP, magazine info (at) sultanstrail.com
Erwin van Delden Redaction magazine info (at) sultanstrail.com
Marina Đuric Vertaalster Servisch info (at) sultanstrail.com

The board of the SultansTrail Foundation is run entirely by volunteers. They are not financially compensated for their work.

St. SultansTrail – A European Cultural Route Chamber of Commerce number Haarlem: 54257662

BTWnr: NL.851231007 B01

RSIN : 851231007