What to take?
  • A walker depends on weather conditions and should therefore be prepared for anything. A fairly complete equipment consists of:

    sturdy, well-run, walking shoes
    socks, seamless and perfectly adapted so nothing to loose (causing risk of wrinklingand the foot will slip into the sock)
    shirts or blouses, two pieces, with or without short sleeves
    shirt or blouse with long sleeves
    two pants, two long pants, lightweight, nice fabric, with detachable legs or one long and one short
    fleece jacket;
    underwear, three slips
    singlet / t-shirt to sleep in
    possibly long johns, cold nights to use as pajamas
    poncho, covering your backpack and a waterproof cover for the backpack;
    any rain pants
    headgear, a folding or zonnepet slouch hat, a balaclava in cold, heat in asweatband;
    handkerchiefs, if necessary. paper towels;
    slippers or sandals for evening.
    toiletries in small quantities
    swiss army knife

  • TIP A full backpack should never weigh more than 20% of your body weight.

    ‘Alles wat je thuis laat, is meegenomen’.



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