• volunteers
    Of course is to develop a new European path a formidable task. Want to help? There are plenty of jobs waiting for enthusiastic volunteers!

    We seek pioneers who want to run sections of the route and give feedback on whatthey come with tips on how the route can be improved.
    Suggestions for sponsorship and subsidiemogelijikheden are of course always welcome.
    Who wants to help us to explore European funding opportunities?
    Who wants us to help with formatting and further refinement of our website?
    Who wants to help us with production and further refinement of our information in different languages ​​wikipedia's section? Urgent Wikipedia entries created in Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, Slovak, Portuguese and Italian
    Who would occasionally stand at a fair or festival?
    Who likes to highlight parts of the route or know someone who likes it?
    Who can and will help to design maps using Open Street Maps?
    Who can help with fundraising?
    Who can design apps?
    Who can help with the text on the website? Write catchy lyrics in multiple languages​​.

    Social media editing. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc.

    Etc.. etc.

Please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to look for best options.



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