St. Sultans Trail - A European Cultural Route Foundation.

Coc Haarlem: 54257662

Article 2.1
The foundation aims to:

-developing, maintaining and promoting the Sultans Trail, a historic long-distance walking, cycling and cultural route from Vienna to Istanbul, through Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

-collecting historical data, and publishing guides and other materials relating to the Sultans Trail;

-categorization and the (support) maintenance of historic buildings, places, customs and traditions and by the Sultans Trail;

-re-engage in any activity which is, related or conducive to, all in the broadest sense of the word.

Article 2.2

The foundation seeks, inter alia, has begun by conducting (historical) research, development, information and support from sister organizations and local networks and / or associations, organizing promotional activities, marking the route, with or without using the local people, groups, organizations, universities, companies or governments, yearly organizing at least one expedition to the Sultans Trail with groups of walkers and historians.


The Sultan’s Trail Initiative is a global nongovernmental organization, with offices in Haarlem, Berlin, and Istanbul, whose mission is to facilitate travel along Sultan’s Trail. Founded by Sedat Çakır , the Sultan’s Trail Initiative is endorsed and assisted by the local tourism offices and the local people. The Sultan’s Trail Initiative is a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization honoring all cultures and faiths.

Source of Funds Policy
The Sultan’s Trail Initiative is a global non-profit organization that has no political or religious agendas, while honoring all people, cultures, and faiths.

As such, the Initiative does not accept funds from sources seeking to advance political or religious agendas via their gifts. Moreover, the Sultan’s Trail Initiative does not accept money from governments that are intended to advance political purposes. Governments in countries along the Trail are strongly encouraged to support the development of the Trail in their nation, and advance local community ownership of their specific segments of the route. Any funds donated by host-country governments stay in their country and accrue directly to local projects.

A conscious choice has been made to reflect the qualities of inclusiveness and equality associated with Sultan’s Traıl when dealing with such sensitive issues as financial support. Under the rubric of inclusion and equality, the Initiative strives for diversity in its income sources and does not accept monies that would divide this unity. As testament to the diversity of sources, the Initiative has sought and garnered support from a wide array of foundations, organizations, and individuals from 21 countries around world.



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