Hiking agenda

Hiking agenda


Group Hike Bulgaria July 28 – August 12

We will fly into Bulgaria’s capital Sofia on Saturday July 28, 2018 and spend our first night at an altitude of 1,800 meters in a mountain hut in nature park Vitosha. The second day we will climb to Vitosha’s highest peak Cherni Vrah (2,290 meters) and descend to the village of Yarlovo. From Yarlovo we will cross the plateau to Samokov and then we start climbing again to heights around 2,700 meters on the so-called Emperor’s Road traversing the Rila mountain range and ending at the eponymous monastery. After the UNESCO-listed monastery we will hike the south flanks of Rila towards spa resort Velingrad.

Due to the alpine environment we are unable to provide luggage transport and every hiker carries his/her own stuff (no need to bring sleeping- or cooking gear). The alpine environment requires a  decent fitness and experience with hiking in the mountains. We need to carefully monitor the weather forecast and weather may force us to stay in a hut a bit longer than planned. Because the end of July-early August is the high season for hiking some of the mountain huts along our route tend to fill up quite rapidly so subscription for this trip will already be closed at May 1, 2018. For more information on this beautiful combination trip of nature and culture send an email to Bulgaria coordinator Arjan Schuiling at arjans@cerberus.nl

The trip will be organized when we receive at least four subscribers (maximum is 10).


September 9
Hiking with Els
Place and further information to be announced.


When: 5th till 18th October 2018 | Where: Bolvadin – Konya

Hike with us!
We are pleased that we can now offer an organized marking trip across the Sufi Trail.

Your luggage is conveniently transported, meals and lodging are taken care of and the journey is accompanied by a Turkish guide.

The Sufi Trail leads through a beautiful light hilly terrain we start in Bolvadin what used to be nomads land. Nature is very varied and we walk through ancient cities, from before the Ottoman period where we see the remains of the Eastern Roman and Byzantine empires. We also walk through authentic villages where the welcome is heartwarming. The locals will spoil you with regular tea and coffee, refusing is almost impossible. In this way, there are plenty of rest to process all the impressions. We end our journey in spectacular Konya!

The price of this trip is € 895, the flight to Turkey’s is at your own expense. Sign me up!
Please note that there is a maximum of people of 10, and a minumum of 6.


november 10 2018
Invitation to take part in the Autumn meeting as stand operator of the Dutch St. Jacob Society

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Please mail us: lianazuidema@gmail.com