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The Sultans Trail Avyolu route passes the following towns and local community’s:

Kapıkule, Kemalköy, Karabulut, Sarayakpınar, (Sırpsındığı), Avarız, Edirne, Hıdırağa, Karayusuf, Ortakça, Kavaklı, Yağcılı, Süloğlu,Büyük Gerdelli, Dolhan, Paşayeri, Koyunbaba, Kırklareli, Kızılcıkdere, Üsküpdere, Karıncak, Kaynarca, Pınarhisar, Erenler, Poyralı, Doğanca, Develi, Vize, Okçular, Evrenli, Çakıllı, Kavacık, Saray, Küçük Yoncalı, Safaalan, Binkılıç, Aydınlar,Yaylacık, Gümüşpınar, İhsaniye, Akalan, Dağyenice, Boyalık, Dursunköy,Sazlıbosna, Şamlar, Kayabaşı en Eyüp Sultan, Fatih belediyesi en Suleymaniye moskee in Istanbul .

The allternative Seferyolu route is the same from Edirneonwards. From Edirne, Hasköy, Hamzaköy, Karlı, Hallaçlı, İnceğiz, Çatalca and after Dursunköy you will follow the Seferyolu route.

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The new historical long distance path from Vienna to Istanbul!

The historical SultansTrail starts in Vienna where Süleyman Kanuni, sultan of the Ottoman empire, in 1529 during his conquest to the West was stopped. the path follows the Danube through Austria, parts of Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. Thereafter it passes the Bulgarian mountains before crossing the border with Turkey. The path ends at the grave tomb of the sultan in the heart of Istanbul. The route leads through many historical places, characteristic villages and and has an ever changing scenery of landscapes.

The initiative to realize the path and founder of the route is Sedat Cakir . Together with a group of volunteers he made it possible to reconstruct the route that Sultan Suleyman at the start of the 16th century followed with his tropes in there conquests to the West. In contradiction of the brutal past the path symbolises peace Sultans Trail encourages peace, and facilitated a meeting place for people from all religions and cultures. Because the path regulairly follows to rural areas and small remote villages it stimulates the local economy’s of the communities. the Sultans Trail uses exciting (European) GR-routes in some places , among which parts of the E8 and the Danube route. All people that walked the trail in 2009 and 2010 share the same opinion: „It was a pioneer trip but the experience was very authentic. The many historical high lights and the ever chancing scenery along with the enormous hospitality of the local community where a great contribution to this“.

The path is actively in development and we hope with consistency to add new tracks to our trail this so that in other country’s The Sultans Trail also is walk-able for the individual traveller.  The Sultans Trail can be walked at any season, every season has his own charms.

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