Sultans Trail

Do you like hiking, culture, nature and history? Would you like to meet people of all ages and with different cultural backgrounds?

Then join us on the Sultans Trail: a scenic and historic hiking route from Vienna to Istanbul. In 2016 we have planned to cover various stretches of the route in various countries and in different seasons. Please check the activity calendar for an overview of our hiking- and marking trips with groups. However, it is also possible to walk the Sultans Trail all by yourself or with a small private group. Sultans Trail does also provide help to the independent traveler.

We also hike in the Netherlands. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for information about our hiking tours. Please contact us or visit one of our meetings if you would like to walk with us, in the Netherlands or on (a section of) the Sultans Trail.We would love to hear from you!

The Sultans Trail team

You can view the latest information on our openstreet map, including warnings on the Sultanstrail:

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Paddy’s Blog

Paddy Devlin op on his trail through Bulgaria. Read his blog!


Breaking news (click on land for info)

  • Bulgarije
    – Suspension bridge near Srednogorsi has collapsed.
    – Dam near Kardzjali inaccessible.
  • Turkije
    – Highway O6 blocks trail near Pirinççi. Danger!! Do not cross!!


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